Alfredo Vázquez

I was born in México City in 1972; I am based centrally in the U.K. in a town called Northampton.
For over 12 years I have continued to self educate in this wonderful world of photography. 

I have worked with musicians, bands and actors in Mexico at concerts, catwalk shows, and sports events. I have also covered weddings and other social celebrations, encapsulating graphic memorable moments for my clients. My approach is friendly without intrusion, capturing images that have more natural qualities.


Besides photography I have a major in Marketing. I have worked in Mexico for worldwide enterprises, in fact, some of the strongest leading companies within the Mexican marketing area, always giving 100% of my knowledge and expertise in order to fulfill commercial objectives. This allows me to have a plural ideas understanding to develop the interests of my clients.
Together my clients/models and I bring out good ideas to create the appropriate atmosphere and photo session that best meets their needs, wishes or fantasy. My models/clients are free to release their oWn KreAtiVitY and self-expression. That is the experience I want YOU as a client to gain. 
My passion for Photography has become such a great part of my life, I have always loved capturing moments in this life through the medium of photography; when I look back and re-live those moments I am transported back to that place AND that time. Photography never allows me to forget those moments.

I want to share my expertise and passion for photography with the client/model.

My work has been published in several magazines, advertising campaigns and Mexican websites.

Now I am challenging a new market and the prospects of new projects really excite me.
I want to share my talent with the people of the U.K
I look forward to satisfying ALL of your expectations by being 'The Photographer' you need, but simply to treasure 'one-off' wonderful moments forever.

Family photo Shooting Location San Antonio Texas / Family photo Shooting Location San Antonio Texas

Cafe Tacuba Playing in San Antonio Texas October 2014 / Cafe Tacuba Plying in San Antonio Texas October 2014

San ANtonio Talons 2014 Overview CBS /

San Antonio Talons vs Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football AFL 2014 / San Antonio Talons vs Cleveland Gladiators Arena Football AFL 2014


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